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Do you want to get active at Utrecht in Dialoog? Do you want to organize or guide dialogue tables, become a partner or ambassador, make a substantive contribution to something completely different? View the options below, the vacancies on this site and at the vrijwilligerscentrale. And watch the stories of other volunteers!

Different possibilities

FotoDoemeeYou can become active in Utrecht in Dialoog in different ways. You can do a lot both in front of and behind the scenes to make dialogue possible and further.

  • You always start by participating in a dialogue to see if it suits you
  • You can host a dialogue, help organize a dialogue table in your neighborhood, living or working environment around a theme that plays, lives and is urgent.
  • You can participate in various training courses and workshops
  • You can facilitate a dialogue after following a training course. View the call for dialogue guides.
  • You can help take care of the Dialogue House Maliebaan 45. We have a vacancy for Dialogue House Coach.
  • You can provide an editorial contribution to inspire a theme or visualize the harvest. Keep the website up to date and provide news.
  • You can prepare, prepare  newsletters. Create videos, vlogs and photos and flyers. We have vacancies for web editor, image editor and social media experts. You can like and share events, photos and messages via Facebook, insta, youtube, linkedin and twitter. And publicize activities and revenues via social media. 
  • You can manage dialogue tables and relationships. You can do an internship, do research or become a trainee at Utrecht in Dialoog. 
  • You can organize dialogue meetings in a specific context, in education, in community building. 
  • You can become active in coordinating dialogues in your neighborhood, neighborhood, organization or around a specific issue.
  • Do you have other creative ideas to recruit participants, to make the dialogue more fun, better known or more effective, to reap the benefits? Get in touch!
  • You can help with writing funds, acquiring financial resources for projects and around themes. 
  • You can become a partner or ambassador in organizing dialogues. You can recruit participants for a dialogue table.

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