Widen your view

Through dialogue, people with different backgrounds, interests, and opportunities get the chance to meet and inspire each other. Attending one of our English language dialogues is the perfect way to discover Utrecht and its inhabitants. Read what people with passion for dialogue has to tell. Since the Corona Crisis we are online in dialogue. Check our dialogue agenda for upcoming online and real live events! Subscribe to the Newsletter to stay informed. 


Utrecht in Dialogue welcomes newcomers and international residents in English Dialogues and Dialogues in beginners Dutch. Discover the city and get to know your fellow citizens in an English Dialogue. The annual theme for 2021 is Worthwhile. What is worthwhile to you nowadays? What makes your life worth living? Which efforts have recently been worth to it? Broaden your outlook, be curious and enter into a dialogue. You can also learn how to facilitate a dialogue in a training.  

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