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Through dialogue, people with different backgrounds, interests, and opportunities get the chance to meet and inspire each other. Attending one of our English language dialogues is the perfect way to discover Utrecht and its inhabitants. We host Dialogues in English, beginners Dutch, and mixed languages – find out more below! You can also read the experiences of some of our volunteers here, and we are always happy to welcome new colleagues with a passion for dialogue.


Utrecht in Dialogue welcomes newcomers and international residents in English Dialogues and Dialogues in beginners Dutch. Discover the city and get to know your fellow citizens in an English Dialogue. Our Photo Exhibition "Seeing Each Other" can still be seen in Kanaleneiland! The annual theme for 2020 is Belonging. Where do you belong and with whom or what do you feel connected? Where are the places you feel a sense of belonging and what themes matter to you? Broaden your outlook, be curious and enter into a dialogue. 

Corona virus - online dialogue

Due to the Corna Virus there will be no live events until at least the end of April. Check our dialogue agenda for upcoming online events! We´re using the application Zoom, which can easily be downloaded. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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