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Enjoying more with less?

De Kargadoor Oude Gracht 36, Utrecht

You often hear criticism of the Dutch ‘consumption society’ and ‘performance society’. Do you feel the pressure to ‘consume less’? Buying less new stuff, driving less by car, living in a smaller house because it is more sustainable? What would…

Dialogue House: making real connections

Grytte Maliebaan45 Maliebaan 45, Utrecht

In this special dialogue house, we come together as dialogue facilitators, fellow citizens, and as people. We explore together how we can make a real connection with others. What is connection? When do you feel connected? And who do you…

Pretty angry

De Kargadoor Oude Gracht 36, Utrecht

When is the last time you got pretty angry? What makes you angry? And what does that say about what is important to you? What do you think should finally change? What are you going to do with that anger?…

Long live the laziness?

De Kargadoor Oude Gracht 36, Utrecht

Laziness. The lack of the will to do something... Do you always have to want to do something? How do you view laziness? the lack of the will, or rather the presence of it. How do you view this? Long…

Eating, feasting?

De Kargadoor Oude Gracht 36, Utrecht

My father always said: Moderation is key. Isn't that a bit boring? Isn't it wonderful to have some gluttony every now and then?  Or party for a few days? And that hangover? Well...that's part of it anyway...? What are your…