Facilitating a dialogue

Do you want to learn how to facilitate a dialogue table? Do you have experience as a participant and have you become enthusiastic about the methodology? You can learn to facilitate a dialogue by starting following a Facilitating dialogue training.

Are you already trained as appreciative facilitator? Please watch the overview facilitators needed!

Dialogue training

To become a dialogue facilitator you follow a Facilitating dialogue training after participation in a number of dialogues. There you learn to guide a dialogue according to the dialogue methodology of the Nederland in Dialoog. The approach is based on Appreciative Inquiry and has the following phases: getting acquainted, exchanging experiences, sharing dreams, what you can do. You can find more information in the dialogue manual. After the basic training you will practice in the DialoogHouse or walk with an experienced dialogue counselor. After the basic training you will first supervise dialogues together with an experienced discussion leader.

Practice together

After the training you can practice in DialoogHouse Maliebaan45 with guiding a dialogue. There is a Dialogue House every first Wednesday evening of the month. Here you can practice with experienced dialogue counselors to learn with and from each other and you will find dialogue counselor here to guide a table together. Experienced dialogue guides bring casuistry and difficult situations to explore more possibilities to deal with this. View the full training agenda for more opportunities to look back and forward with other dialogue leaders, to explore new options for action, to deal with difficult situations and to practice with each other.

Hands-on experience

When you are ready to guide a dialogue table you will gain practical experience by guiding many dialogue tables, alone or together with another dialogue counselor. Here you will find an overview of meetings for which dialogue leaders are sought. You can also organize a dialogue yourself in your neighborhood, at school or at work. Utrecht in dialogue is happy to participate in this and can help find and train more dialogue leaders. Questions? Send an email to info@utrechtindialoog.


We also provide training and workshops on request, on location, tailor-made and in English. For high schools and Universities, residents’ organizations, civil servants, libraries, partnerships, social domain, care organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and more. Questions? Mail info@utrechtindialoog.nl


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