Dialogue Week

Dialogue Week is an annual event in which we promote the value of dialogue for a strong and inclusive community. We do this by talking to each other in different cities across the country and meeting people outside of our circle. By listening to each other, hearing different perspectives, sharing experiences, dreams and actions, new insights arise and, we move forward. The theme of this year is Belonging in corona times.

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Dialogue initiatives from all over the Netherlands participate in and celebrate the Dialogue Week: Utrecht in Dialogue, Eindhoven in Dialogue, Breda in Dialogue, Haarlem in Dialogue, Dialogue in The Hague, Apeldoorn in Dialogue, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Oisterwijk, Wijk bij Duurstede, Diever, Amsterdam and Goes.

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Between October 30 and November 8, 2020


Dialogue Week 2020 will take place between October 30 and November 8, 2020. The theme of this year is Belonging in Corona times. The conversation tables are reserved for residents, social organizations and companies. We get to know each other better by discovering, meeting, seeing and talking to others. We find out how we look, what we find important and what we can do for each other. In this way, we broaden our perspective, learn to live, work, love better together, and build a strong and inclusive community.

Would you like to join the Dialogue Week in Utrecht? Look at the options to become an active member or send an email to info@utrechtindialoog.nl.


Each year, the dialogue cities agree on a connecting theme for the dialogues. This year’s theme is Belonging. Local groups and initiatives determine the topics of discussion. The theme of Dialogue Week 2019 was Discover the Other. We joined discussions across the country to really see the other and broaden our view. The theme of Dialogue Week 2018 was Seeing Each Other. What happens when you really see the other? And when others see you? In Dialogue Week 2017, we were in dialogue at special places on the theme of Advancing Together, to discover other worlds without having to travel far away. You can read reviews on dialogue weeks from previous years in Dutch: Dialogue Week 2017, Dialogue Week 2016 and Dialogue Week 2015.

Cornerstones of the Dialogue Week

  1. Conversations take place in varied groups of 6 to 8 people at tables set across the city.
  2. The conversations are structured towards one main theme and fixed questions. These have been drawn up according to the dialogue method of the Netherlands in Dialogue.
  3. The conversations are led by moderators who have followed at least one dialogue training from Utrecht in Dialogue.
  4. Utrecht in Dialoog coordinates the Dialogue Week in Utrecht, supports organizations’ participation and manages communication and advertising.


Dialogue day, week, and year

Dialogue Day began in 2001 in Rotterdam and has been adopted by other cities. Dialogue day in Utrecht was first celebrated in November 2008. It partly made possible by the provincial consultancy firm Alleato. In the following years, the Dialogue Day in Utrecht has turned into a week of dialogue. With the closure of Alleato in 2012, the Utrecht Platform for Philosophy of Life and Religion (UPLR) has adopted the Dialogue Week as a sub-working group. Since 2016, when Utrecht in Dialoog became independent, Utrecht residents have been engaging in dialogue all year around. In 2018, in honor of 10 years of dialogue in Utrecht, a photo exhibition was made with the title “Seeing each other”. Want to know more? Check the archive of Utrecht in Dialoog >>>


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