Welcome at the table

Do you want to participate in a dialogue table? Do you like a good conversation about essential matters? Do you want to share experiences, dreams and perspectives? View the upcoming dialogue meetings and register for a dialogue. You are very welcome.


At the table

By participating in a dialogue you experience what a good conversation can do. Under the guidance of a trained dialogue facilitator, you share experiences, dreams and possibilities with 4 to 8 others. By talking to each other we get to know each other. And we find out what we find important in our city, in our neighborhood, our organization in our daily lives. That way we can live and work together better.

In Utrecht we organize dialogue tables throughout the year. In the national week of the dialogue, we celebrate the dialogue throughout the Netherlands every year and people start talking to each other in all sorts of places. Find a dialogue table in the overview of  upcoming tables, Upcoming trainings and the complete agenda  and participate. Participation is free, and experience is not required.


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