Upcoming Dialogues in English

Through dialogue, people with different backgrounds, interests, and opportunities get the chance to meet and inspire each other.

Getting to Know Each Other

In conversation you learn about others, and discover things about yourself. Every conversation is an opportunity. By talking to each other, we come to understand each other better, and may form lasting relationships.

Although Utrecht is an old city, it’s always full of new arrivals. Utrecht in Dialogue aims to connect newcomers and longtime residents for positive conversations and shared inquiry. Whether you’ve just moved to the region or have lived here all your life, you’re welcome to join an English-language event and get to know fellow residents through dialogue.

What exactly is a dialogue?

A dialogue is a way of talking with others. Of appreciating differences and exploring themes from different perspectives to reach new insights. The basis of any dialogue is a willingness to listen, and to invite others to speak. Everyone enjoys equal standing, everyone participates, and everyone’s input counts.

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Upcoming dialogues

Would you like to take part in a dialogue? You’re always welcome! Here is an overview of the upcoming English-language dialogues. Take a look, and be sure to sign up.

At the start of the new cultural season, we will talk about the future of democracy on the street and at De Kargadoor. It will be a taste and festive kick-off for the new dialogue season! How do you see the future of our city and our democracy? Make yourself heard and listen to fellow townspeople! Sign up online.

Is it possible to feel secure in one’s own community when conflicts or disasters are occurring elsewhere? What do we owe to residents of other countries experiencing turmoil? Join us in kicking off Peace Week 2019 in the Netherlands with a dialogue on the theme “Peace Beyond Borders” at eLe Tapas Restaurant. Doors open from 15:00. Sign up online.

Residents of Kanaleneiland will be celebrating Peace Week – young and old from different backgrounds will speak with each other about Peace & Connection in Kanaleneiland. The FC Utrecht Supporters Association will also be present. The meeting takes place at Bosshardt. You are very welcome! Sign up online.

Together with municipal councilors and other people from Utrecht we will look back and celebrate 100 years of electoral suffrage for women, and look forward to the future. What kind of city do we want to live in? At dialogue tables we will share our experiences, our dreams for the city, and what we are going to do to bring them closer to reality. There are also tables for English speakers and for women only. Everybody is welcome! Sign up online.

How do you build peace as a woman? Do you work at home, in a school, or in a neighbourhood towards more peace and more equality? What strategies do you use, and which ones work best? In this dialogue we’ll share experiences, dreams, and actions on these themes. Join us Saturday, September 28th at Maliebaan 45. Doors open at 14:00. Sign up online.

Interested in a good conversation on the Maliebaan? Want to try your hand facilitating a dialogue? The Dialogue House at Maliebaan 45 is a great place to practice running a dialogue table, or to brainstorm new topics for discussion. Join us every first Wednesday of the month from 19:30 to 22:30 at Maliebaan 45. In this week against Loneliness we investigate the theme Alone or Together and Money Worries. Sign up online.

Have you or anyone close to you ever come out of the closet? Is a coming out different within different groups, for example within the family, circle of friends or at work? On Friday 11 October we celebrated the Coming Out Day. A day where everyone can be who they are and everyone belongs. We will discuss this subject with each other at Griftsteede, in the middle of Griftpark. Sign up online.

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Utrecht in Dialoog has a growing team of English-speaking volunteers. Would you like to join the team, organize your own events and get to know the city? Read our vacancy for a Project Leader on Dialogue events and email info@utrechtindialoog.nl

Learning to facilitate a dialogue

Ever wonder how can you encourage an engaging conversation about sensitive topics? How can you ask the right questions and provide the right structure? In the workshop ‘Learning to facilitate a dialogue’ we give you the tools to do this.

Interested in this workshop? Please read more and sign up for the starter training:

This training is aimed at people who have attended one or more dialogues, and who would like to facilitate a dialogue. Ever wonder how you can encourage an engaging conversation about sensitive topics? How you can ask the right questions, and provide a structure that allows others to open their hearts? You will learn it during this workshop! Sign up online.

Peace across borders

The theme of Peace Week this year is ‘Peace connects across borders!’  From September 21st-29th, 2019, we will explore this theme in various locations around the city. Read more  >>>

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