20th of March: Students and the neighbourhood

The dialogues in 2017 between students and local residents of Utrecht East taste like more! Do you want to contribute to a strong an positive connection between students and the neighbourhood in Utrecht East? Student association Town&Gown welcomes you with open arms on campus of University College Utrecht for a fruitful conversation.

You are most welcome to join! The event will take place on Tuesday 20th of March from 14:00 to 17:00 on the campus terrain of University College Utrecht, on the Prins Hendriklaan. You can sign up here.neigbourhood

Carole: The diversity of participants, which included students, social workers and locals from the neighbourhood, enabled a fresh and interesting insight to the topic. Every participant was truly motivated to take part in the conversation; there was so much enthusiasm, ideas and motivation! Some ideas mentioned during this session, such as organizing campus tours or setting up a festival to welcome the neighbourhood, are actually in the process of becoming true.

Breaking down the fence

In 2017, two dialogues were held at UCU, during which (international) students en local residents started a conversation about  contact and students and the neighbourhood. The first dialogue was for a lot of locals the first time they passed the fence and entered the campus. For a lot of students it was one of the first times they interacted with people from the neighbourhood. The next dialogue, more concrete plans were made for collaborations between students and the rest of the neighbourhood, and to make the campus more connected to it.

On the 20th of March, we organise a new dialogue to see what this has brought us so far, and how to build further on this.

Leo de Winter: “The dialogues brought us a lot. Several concrete steps have already been taken to improve the connection between students in the neigbourhood: students take shifts at the bar of Podium Oost, one of the students became a volunteer at the local newspaper, where they publish UCU activities, and events in the neighbourhood are shared in the student newsletter.”

Students and the neighbourhood

The 20th of March, we continue to look for more connection between students and the neighbourhood. We look back at the contacts and plans made in previous dialogues, and look at how we can build further on them.

How do you experience the relation between students and local residents? What kind of contact do you have with students/locals? What do we want more of? How can we further build on the plans and ideas made previously?

Everyone is welcome to join the conversation, it is not necessary that you participated in previous dialogues. Sign up now.


14:00 welcome
14:30 in dialogue about students and the neighbourhood
16:00 sharing insights and actions with each other
16:30 informal chat with coffee/tea
17:00 end


Signing up
20 maart: Student en buurt vervolg
9th of March: Feeling welcome in Utrecht



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