Living together in Utrecht-West

Living together in Utrecht West
Neighborhood dialogue

Are you a new neighbor in Utrecht West or have you been already living here for a long time? How do you experience living together in the neighborhood? How does the interaction between you and your neighbors influence your daily life? Is it affected by local, national or global developments? If so, do you feel like you have to pick a side?
Utrecht in Dialoog and De Voorkamer invites you to join the dialogue tabel where you are welcomed to share your experiences and dreams in an open and respectful environment.

Please join us to:
The Dialogue table
When: March 29th 2017 between 16:00 and 18:00
Where: De Voorkamer, located in the Kanaalstraat 225
Refreshments will be served

In a dialogue you really talk to each other. You speak from yourself and open yourself for the story of the other. It is about listening carefully to each other`s experiences, rather than convincing others of your own point of view. In a dialogue you explore together what matters to you; you share your dreams and what can you do to realise them. The dialogues are conducted through dialogue tables which consists of 6 to 8 people. Each table is facilitated by trained dialogue facilitators. Everyone is heard and is welcome.

Utrecht in Dialoog seeks to bring together Utrechters as young as 8 years old and older to meet each other and to engage in a dialogue regarding relevant social themes. The goal is to empower, connect and enrich Utrechters and Utrecht.
De Voorkamer is a communal meeting space for the newcomers and locals (workshop owners, professionals from the art and design sector and enthusiasts) to meet, to use their specific skills, interests and talents for developing and producing the meeting space with all its events and interior.

We have limited amount of seats available for this event. If you are interested, please subscribe via this link.

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