Online Dialogue facilitators

Utrecht in Dialogue is online and is looking for online dialogue facilitators. Do you like an in-depth and constructive conversation? Do you like to bring people who don’t know each other into a conversation online?

Do you want to (learn to) guide a dialogue table?

You will learn to facilitate a dialogue by first taking part in different dialogue tables, then following a Dialogue training and finally by practicing  in facilitating a dialogue. Are you interested? Visit the Dialogue House Maliebaan 45 on every first Wednesday of the month or choose one of the dialogues on our website and participate in a dialogue.

Dialogue training

After you have participated in various dialogue meetings, you will follow a training in dialogue supervision. There you will learn to guide a dialogue according to the dialogue method of The Netherlands in Dialogue. The approach is based on Appreciative Inquiry and has the following phases: getting to know each other, exchanging experiences, sharing dreams, next steps?

How much time does that take?

One dialogue generally takes about 2 hours, we expect the facilitator to be online well in advance to welcome the participants to the Zoom room and then remain there for discussion and evaluation. Guiding a dialogue therefore easily takes about 3 hours per dialogue.

How often am I expected?

We expect from dialogue facilitators to be willing to supervise a dialogue on a regular basis, participate in the Dialogue House and follow a training or workshop at least once a year.

Want to know more?

Are you interested? Join one of our online dialogues or contact us.

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