Healthy summer encounters

Meet new people and get moving in the fresh air as part of our summer offering around the Griftpark. This summer you can meet others in different ways, talk about what keeps you busy, go for a walk and do things together. Get to know the neighborhood and each other better, inspire each other and get moving. For old, young, newcomers – let’s create a healthy future for all of us. Bring your old, young and new friends, neighbours and colleagues and join us. English speakers are also very welcome!

Meet & Stroll: Get to know your neighbours

Zomerse ontmoetingen Utrecht - leer je buren kennen

A light-hearted series in which you meet different people, discover each other and the neighborhood and enter into conversation on foot. In the summer series Meet & Walk we get to know each other in an informal Zoom session,with or without a snack, drink and plate in front of the tube. During this session you make an appointment with your walking buddy at a time that fits into your agenda. Can’t join the match session and still want to talk to a hiking buddy? Mail to for a blind walking date!

Expedition: New Green Life

Zomerse ontmoetingen Utrecht - Expeditie nieuw levenAre you curious about nature and about life in your neighborhood? Join an expedition around the Griftpark! Join this second episode and envision a new, greener life together with your neighbours. If possible, we will meet under the trees at the Griftsteede city farm. Sign up, bring your neighbours, friends and family and spread the word!

Healthy summer encounters

These healthy summer encounters are part of the Neighborhood Approach to Belonging and are being realized in collaboration with Wijkwijzer NoordOost , Energie U , Beweegvriendelijkewijk  and International Welcome Center Utrecht . The series is made possible by the OranjefondsRCOAK, Fonds Sluyterman van Loo, VSB Fonds, Health Pact Utrecht  and the Municipality of Utrecht.

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