Connecting with your destination


Roots – Halina Zalewska

You are welcome to join the dialogue Connecting with your destination on Monday May 30th from 18:00 to 20:00 in Bibliotheek Cereolfabriek, Everard Meijsterlaan 1, Utrecht. This dialogue will be held in Dutch and English with the possibility of translation from Arabic to English. Participation is free. All you need to bring is your curiosity. Please subscribe here.

نود أن ندعوكم للانضمام لحلقة الحوار تحت عنوان “التواصل مع وجهتك”. وذلك يوم الاثنين الموافق ٣٠ أيار في تمام الساعه السادسه مساءا وحتى الساعه الثامنه, في مكتبة كارييورفابريك.


What is your destination? Do you choose your destination, do you find it by accident or is your destination something bigger than you? Do you set goals to find your destination such as finding love, a job, a house, building a family, living in compassion, being happy or something like that? How do you get connected with your destination if your homeland is at war, you flee and find a place in Utrecht? Is Utrecht then your destination or do you feel stranded here? How do you get connected with a destination? Do you learn biking, eat cheese and take over local habits or do you rather eat your own food and connect to other newcomers?

Destination reached?

roots14aDid you reach your destination yet? How did you do that? Is Utrecht your final destination or do you plan to move somewhere else? Maybe to the north where it feels safer? Or to Amsterdam a more global city? Or to the east where you can find more space? Or to the South where the sun shines more often and the food is better? Do you have a destination or do you prefer to move on, live like a nomad, taking your roots with you wherever you go? Can you land in Utrecht and let your roots grow here? How does that looks like?

Together in dialogue

During a dialogue you speak for yourself and listen to the stories of others. Not to convince others of your point of view but to discover different perspectives bij listening to experiences and dreams of others. In a dialogue participants search together, share experiences and dreams and first steps to fulfill this. A dialogue group consists of 6 to 8 participants and is facilitated by a dialogue facilitator trained by Utrecht in Dialoog. Everybody is welcome.


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